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The workshop occupies five rooms at the ground floor of my house.

A bathroom, a little engine room, a timber yard, a room for drawing  and the real workshop shown in the picture.

The entire workshop is equipped with a firewood heating system  and, the room in the picture, has a powerful dehumidification system to control  environmental conditions during the critical passages of  making  soundboards.



Workshop & News

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San Vito

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Vanves ( Paris, F)

Journées de Musiques Anciennes de Vanves 2012

I'll be here  (Friday23-Sunday25 November 2012) showing a harpsichord after P.Taskin 1769 and a venetian bentside spinet.





Historic instrument building 2013

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20   January  2013, showing a new double manual italian harpsichord


Italian Harpsichord for sale.


Disposition 2 x 8', range C-d'''

51 notes + transp. 415-440

Tel +39 3383623854

Regensburg (D)

May 18 - 20 / 2013

Unexpensive Harpsichord in Italian style










Strada Cassia Cimina  km 12,750  01030, Canepina, VITERBO   Italy -   Tel  - 0039 335 352716