San Vito is an incredibly tiny little village , located near Viterbo (north Latium) and composed of four houses and a little church. I live here with my wife, our daughter, and three other friends: a conductor, an archaeologist and a famous film actress. This village lies at an altitude of eight hundred metres and is immersed in an old  chestnut wood. You can see, above , an autumn morning  from our windows and, below, a spring wiew of  the village, as a whole. A little suite for two persons (50 mq) on the top of the tower, is used as Bed & Breakfast. The view from each side is really beautiful . You can find this place  with a Tom Tom gps system using  the following coordinates: N 42,35559 - E 12,21325.

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Strada Cassia Cimina  km 12,750  01030, Canepina, VITERBO   Italy -   Tel - 0039 335 352716