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Some links to my favourite websites


Fratelli Rivolta, Woods

The most important fine wood  suppliers in Italy, located in Desio near Milan.

Mark Vogel,  Harpsichord parts

This firm, located in Jestetten (south Germany) near Scaffausen. CH, is very usefull either to the beginner harpsichord maker, or the well know professional man.  They supply jacks, keyboard parts, screws, strings, tools, technical drawings, books etc.

Fernando De Luca

Falerno Ducande  (His Arcadian Academy name)  is a musicologist and a polymath harpsichordist. He teaches Harpsichord in Cagliari conservatory and performs concerts dressed in 18th century suit.

Elena Dal Cortivo

The parchement roses made by Elena are, after mine, thoose wich I prefer.

Silvio Levaggi

If you need a violin or another instrument of the  modern quartet, Silvio Levaggi is the right person. Silvio and his wife, Anna, live in Cremona and, in my opinion, he makes the best string instruments in Italy and, probably, in Europe.

Atelier Delaruelle

Marie Pierre Delaruelle is an incredible woman full of sense of houmor living in Normandie. She makes keyboard parts and touchplates in natural bone, tuning pins in iron, tuning keys, brass hitch pins.

Cembali e tastiere antiche

A little group of crazy men discussing, in italian and french language about harpsichords and early keyboard instruments.

Grant O'Brien

Claviantica  is one of the most interesting website about harpsichord and neapolitan instruments. Grant is a good friend and one of the most important figure during  my vocational training.  He was Curator of  the Russell Collection until few years ago. His website contains also a lot of informations about the  reorganization of a children's hospital in Zambia. Grant and Jhonny, his partner,  are both involved in this exciting enterprise.


If you are near Metten, east Bavaria, I suggest you to spend a smashing afernoon in the Dick's shop. Everything a wood worker could desire except electric tools.

 Villa Olimpo Bed&Breakfast

I've spent some of  the nicest holydays of my life in this amazing and charmant villa near Genova.


 Sala Del Cembalo

 You can find, here, every harpsichord music you can imagine, performed by Fernando De Luca.

 Come Donchisciotte

 An interesting collection of articles taken from international press 




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