Andrea   Di   Maio

Italian styled instruments


Copy after "Barberini"

Firenze, Galleria dell'Accademia. 2007



In 2007 I have built a close copy of an anonimous neapolitan instrument (so called "Barberini")  owned by the "Gallerie dell'Accademia" in  Florence. Above: five pictures taken in different steps of construction. From left to right: the main rose (The original instrument has three roses),  keyboard construction, nameboard,  tail end (26), jackslot construction.






Cembalo "Barberini"

Anonimo, Napoli 1650ca. Priv.coll.Vasanello, Italy



Below: images of the anonimous neapolitan harpsichord kept in Vasanello Castle near Viterbo. From left: the main rose; the keyboard; the trebble side of jack slots, the instrument in its outer case, partial wiew of the drawing, a wiev of the inside structure.







Onofrio Guarracino

Napoli, 1651

Roma, Private Collection. Restored in 1995








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