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Based on a harpsichord by Ignazio Mucciardi (Rome 1780) five octaves extended (FF-f''' 61 notes). My instrument has generally a reduced range (GG-d''' 56 notes). It is possible, of course, to have the originnal extension. False "inner-outer" construction, case made in spruce or poplar with mouldings in cypress. Soundboard in spruce, keyboard in boxwood-ebony, jacks in beech or pearwood with delrin plectra, external decoration in tempera, gold leaf and transparent varnish. Pitch 415-440 hz, strung in yellow brass, disposition 2 x 8'; c'' 28,5 cm. Dimensions in cm 220 x 83 x 24.

10.000,-- (VAT 21% and transport excl) 56 notes________(2013) 11.000,-- (VAT 21% and transport excl) 61 notes________(2013) Oil landscape in the lid from 2.500,--______________ ________ Landscape decoration in "Decoupage" on paper 200,--


A new, Unexpensive Harpsichord

Based on

Honofrio Guarracino (Naples 1651)







Disposition 2 x 8' - range GG/BB-d''' 52 notes 440-415 hz - soundboard: spruce - Keyboard boxwood-ebony -Jacks: pearwood - Plectra: delrin - Strings: yellow brass - Mouldings and veneers: cypress - False "Inner-outer" construction - Weight: (only instrument) 29 kg - Keyboard distance from the floor: 76 cm.

The harpsichord is sold as shown in the picture, with a "Decoupage" landscape on paper - Other landscape on request.

Price 2013:

7.500,-- (VAT and transport excl)






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