Andrea   Di   Maio

German instruments

Case of a single manual Harpsichord Based on an original by Michael Mietke under construction.

The case is now completed and covered with chalk

The soundboard is obtained glueing several boards of spruce

Instrument based on MIetke kept in Charlottenburg (Berlin) made for  Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome (2005).


Other instrument based on Mietke. Owner Marzia Tramma, Rome (2001)

Partial wiew of wrestplank with the four foot lever


Making hinges starting from 2mm thick brass plate. After have been fretworked, the plate is bent to obtain the pivot. Drilling holes and polishing  are the last operations. The construction of one hinge takes more or 60 minutes.


4mm Tuning pins made starting from drawn iron. Each piece is shaped with a hammer,  finished on a wheel and bored.

Jacks  in Oreobambo's Mietke




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