Andrea   Di   Maio

French & flemish instruments

This is my first copy of  Vaudry harpsichord, made in 1986.



A second instrument, made in 1997, based on Vaudry 1681 with marquetry decoration inspired by the Vincent Tibaut style.


 Gouache decoration painted on the soundboard of a late XVIII french instrument after Taskin 1769.   The rose is carved in pearwood.


Harpsichord based on Taskin 1769.

This harpsichord has been shown in Berlin Musikinstrumentenmarkt, edition 2008.

Clavicytherium based on De Lin 1760. The range is enlarged up to five octaves (FF-f''') and provided with an addictional note for transposition. The bent jacks are based on an action made by Martin Kaiser (South Germany, XVII cen).

Mitzi Meyerson is the inspirer and the  owner of this hybrid instrument presented in 2008 Musikinstrumentenmarkt (Berlin).


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